He’s Home, and Un-Broken

While my dear husband was gone to Texas for his vasectomy reversal, I complained to him about how everything broke as soon as he left our home!

We had a toilet overflow, a vacuum cleaner fizzle out, my Kitchen Aid mixer burnt out, and our closet door busted.

He commented,

"Well, at least I'll be coming home un-broken!"

He's home, and though he looks and feels pretty broken, it is comforting to know that he is now truly "FIXED!"

2 thoughts on “He’s Home, and Un-Broken

  1. My partner had a vasectomy last year, and I have never felt so broken. He did not include me in his decision and didn’t (and doesn’t) believe I should really have a voice. I will pray that he reads your husband’s story and sees how this hurt I feel will not go away. However, I am so sad to say that I don’t believe our relationship or our family will weather this storm. I am so glad that your husband is now “un-broken.” Maybe there is hope for us yet.

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