If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it!

The Dangers of Vasectomy:
Of course, like any statistics, the “facts” about the aftermath of vasectomy vary greatly from scientist to scientist. I just wish our doctor had at least run these contrary ideas past us before the vasectomy…like the possiblity of a greater risk of prostate cancer, yikes!
Now, looking back, it was strange how eager the insurance company was to provide for us the vasectomy — no co-pay even! All Hubby had to do was watch a little video and sign a release form…I haven’t quite figured this out. Perhaps they know they will save money not having to take care of future progeny??
Anyway, some ideas to consider before you go snippin’ away:
Dangers of a Vasectomy
Don’t Fix It!
Vasectomies Gone Bad

Perhaps this idea is one to consider in lieu of regular vasectomy?
Open-Ended Vasectomy a Better Choice

And, finally, how about reading these guys’ experiences with vasectomy regret? (Click on the man’s name for further information — I think my husband and I identify closely with “Fern.”) You can read a bit of our personal story of vasectomy regret right here.


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