The Way Home

Mary Pride is rockin' my world.
I recently read All the Way Home by Mary Pride and was motivated to find her 1st book, The Way Home….wow! wow! wow!
Here's a little quip from the chapter called "Beyond the 'Me' Marriage," in regard to the Church being infected by divorce:

Some say that this sorry state is a sure sign of the end times. But end times or no end times, the church is always supposed to be the light of the world. God expects us to shine brightly, not flicker fitfully! The church is also supposed to be the salt of the world, which even in small amounts flavors the mass and protects it from decay. We can and should be influencing the world to get better; it shouldn't be influencing us to get worse.
If the Christian family is falling into disrepair, it is not because our God is not powerful enough to maintain us in the midst of a corrupt society. New Testament Christians faced a society that in some ways was even more decadent than ours, with cult prostitutes, infanticide, and gladiators battling to the death for the crowd's "entertainment." Yet history witnesses that the early Christians had outstandingly stable and holy home lives. If we can't say the same, perhaps is because we have walked away from what the New Testament Christians had. Perhaps in our zeal to be relevant we have replaced Christian culture with twentieth-century humanist culture.


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