Relax, Relax!

Just read this on Elijah Company's Website:

In her books, Mary describes what she calls “Relaxed Home Schooling.”

To me, the heart of relaxed home schooling is a belief that God’s intended plan for us all was to learn, live, and grow together as families. The key points are as follows:

• You are a family, not a school.

• You are a mom, not a teacher.

• You have individual relationships with your children; not a “relationship” to a class of students.
• You are free to set your own goals, rather than relying on someone else’s ideas of “what you should be doing in such and such grade.”

• You are free to select materials, choose methods, and create experiences whenever you want…at the start of the school year, or in April, or at 3:00 in the morning.

• You are free to think through where you are on the path to your goals in any way that makes sense to you…rather than being stuck in a test, grade, label kind of mindset.

• You are free to get rid of the question, “what curriculum am I using” and replace it with “what is going to work with THIS kid, THIS week, for THIS purpose.”

• You are free to lose all those lesson plans and teacher’s guides, and you don’t even necessarily have to know what you are doing tomorrow when you get up.


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